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Here we put greenhouses or projects that we have installed ourselves, anything greenhouse related that we feel might be of interest to you.
All photo's and content are our own and taken by ourselves, so please excuse the camera work and any discrepancies in advance.
All of our greenhouses for sale are chosen for their build quality in relation to their price, they offer what I think to be the best value on the market. I get asked to sell other manufacturers but I will not allow anything to be sold that I would not buy myself. If we don't sell a particular building it is usually down to one of two things, either we feel it is over priced or more commonly not of a good enough quality.


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March 2013

The greenhouse season is upon us, and a big thank you to all our customers who have made this the busiest start to a year we have ever had!

Cedar Growhouse 8x10

When thinking of wooden greenhouses the most sought after timber is cedar because of its natural oils that make it rot also looks and smells great!
Most cedar greenhouses cost a lot of money, but with the Growhouse range you get a quality greenhouse made of the finest cedar at a very affordable price. The only downside with Growhouse is that the range is a little limited, they only manufacture the  6 most common sizes, I am told that this is the reason they are priced so well.

Below is an example of the 8x10 Cedar Growhouse, the two photo's below show the optional Staging and Shelf that are available to buy, this was also supplied with a Growhouse cold frame which we put together for the customer. 

 growhouse 8x10 with cold frame growhouse staging and shelf

The customer used this greenhouse as a useful feature in their garden, and I thought was the perfect addition to this already fantastic garden. The positioning and colour of the greenhouse was obviously well thought out and planned in advance and fitted in to the scheme of the garden very well.

 8x10 cedar growhouse growhouse wooden greenhouses

January 2013

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and may 2013 bring you everything you wish for!

Halls 8x14 Silver Magnum

We installed this just before Christmas, the customer had got a local builder in to do some groundwork along with other work they were having done. The builder put down a brick base instead of the customer buying the halls pre-fabricated base.The customer still had work to do with the floor area inside and around the greenhouse.
This is the largest of the Magnum range of greenhouses for sale, supplied in aluminium with the Toughened glass option.

 The reason I chose this job to feature this month is because of the brick base. This photo shows how the bottom of the frame sits on to the wall with a lip all around that drops down on the outside of the brickwork. The front of the greenhouse has a lip that drops down about 1/2 an inch to allow for the door gliders to fit over and run freely. What this means is that the greenhouse won't go directly on to a flat surface without something underneath it.
The manufacturers base is a low cost alternative to laying a course of bricks, it is designed to support and spread the weight of the greenhouse and lasts as long as the is also much cheaper than a builder!
 Brick wall base for greenhouses
Below is the finished Magnum.
The Magnum is one of my favourite greenhouses, and offers a good strong frame with loads of bracing and big double sliding doors, plenty of room inside even for the tallest person, and at this price bracket in the market I don't think can be beat!
 Halls Silver Aluminium Magnum Halls 8x14 Magnum greenhouse for sale



September 2012

Growhouse 6x8 Cedar Lean To

 growhouse cedar wooden greenhouseGrowhouse cedar wooden greenhouses really do have a quality feel and look about them, the more of these I put up the more I like them!
This is the 6x8 Lean To model, supplied as standard with Toughened glass. This customer bought the Base, Staging, Shelf and Autovent as extra's.
This example shows how the green base can be used to level the greenhouse down on to stones, this is an excellent feature that means it is not necessary to have a cement/slab base like most wooden greenhouses need.
 cedar greenhouse Some people think that a lean to is easier to install than a free-standing greenhouse because it has one less side, this is not the case a lean to is much trickier as you have to level the base and get the greenhouse at right angles to the wall.
Having said that the Growhouse is amongst the easiest lean to's to put up, as the main sections come pre built, and the build quality is so good that it all fits together very easily.
The finished building looks great, and being made of Cedar is going to last a very long time.

August 2012

Eden 9x10 Green Sherborne

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, we recently installed another Eden Sherborne, and this time I remembered to take some photo's of the bars, so you can get an idea of the strength behind this greenhouse.
These are our premium range of aluminium greenhouses for sale, and I believe are one of the strongest domestic greenhouses on the market today, they compare very favourably with much more expensive models.

This is the ridge bar, and as you can see is a really sturdy bar, these are the heaviest bar in the greenhouse and you will need to allow 2 people to put this up on to the roof. eden sherborne roof bar
The corner bars as shown here, are all made out of heavy aluminium in a box design, this type of framework is many times stronger than conventional greenhouses. eden sherborne corner bar
The finished 9x10 Eden Sherborne, supplied painted green and with toughened glass.
 sherborne green 9x10



July 2012

Halls 6x10 Green Popular with Rainwater Kit's

What a miserable summer we are having!
Below is a 6x10 Halls Green Popular that we supplied and installed for a customer, this was supplied with matching base, toughened glass, autovents and rainwater kits.
After a very wet and muddy day (there is actually a row of slabs down the middle) I installed this greenhouse, which was a replacement for an old wooden greenhouse that had come to the end of its life. I wanted to show this job this month, because the photo shows the rainwater kits, which are getting plenty of use this year!
These cost effective extra's are very easy to fit, with a stopper that plugs up one end of the gutter, and a stopper with a downpipe attachment for the other end, which the pipes fit on to. As you can see from this photo you can cut them to fit all types of water butts, the customer had 2 butts already from her previous greenhouse, different heights but it only took about 5 minutes to fit them. You will need one rainwater kit for each side of the greenhouse you want a downpipe.


 6x10 green halls popular wet greenhouse with downpipes


June 2012

 Eden 9x14 Green Sherborne

 9x14 green eden sherborne This Eden Sherborne was installed on to the customers concrete base. These are our range of premium greenhouses, and this is the largest example in the range.
Measuring roughly 9ft x 14ft, this greenhouse was supplied in powder coated green, with toughened glass and green base.
The picture below shows how the top section of the stable door can be opened independently from the bottom.
 eden sherborne greenhouses Of all our range of greenhouses for sale, the Eden Sherborne is by far the strongest, all the glass is siliconed in before being held with clips.
Each bar is extremely tough, with heavy duty box sections on the corner bars and ridge. I could kick myself for not taking some photo's of the bars (these need to be seen to be believed), but we have another booked in for installation in a couple of weeks, and i shall make sure I take some then to show you.


May 2012

Halls 6x10 Silver Popular


This is a good example of the largest in the Halls Popular greenhouse range, this 6x10 offers great value for money with a decent growing space. I installed this on a nice day, everything went together really well as is usual with Halls greenhouses.

The customer had prepared the area, by taking off the grass and levelling the soil inside. This leaves a surface which is perfect for putting the manufacturers base on to.

 halls 6x10 popular

 halls greenhouses for sale

 In this price bracket I don't think these can be beat. This example is in it's cheapest form, Silver Aluminium with Horticultural Glass, the only extra's are the base which is essential in 95% of cases, and autovents which are great for £24 and will save your legs walking up and down your garden.

This took me 6 1/2 hours to put up and is now the biggest of our greenhouses that I install single handed in one day now. The days of putting up a Magnum until 9 at night are behind me now!

April 2012

Halls 8x10 Aluminium Supreme


 halls supreme greenhouse 8x10 Of all our greenhouses for sale this is the only model that features a curved eave, I think the 8ft wide model as this one is, has had some good improvements over the years. When I installed my first one roughly about 12 years ago I thought it lacked the strength of the straight roofed Magnum, this is not the case now though and the the Halls Supreme greenhouse doesn't just look feels solid and substantial with it.
There is a quality feel about these greenhouses, and some really heavy duty brace bars down the length add to the strength, along with other improvements over the years such as roof braces and improved acrylic with new heavy duty strips.
 halls greenhouses for sale This is a silver aluminium 8x10, built on to the customers own base (which they expanded an existing old concrete slab).
Spacious double doors and with long pane toughened glass as standard, this greenhouse really does the job and looks really great too!


March 2012

Halls 6x6 Green Popular with Slab and Shingle Base


This is a good example of an slab and shingle base, which I levelled and then installed the greenhouse.

I did this job myself, the location was very peaceful out in a very rural location, with some lovely spring weather, it's job's like these that reminds me of why i enjoy my work!
This customer wanted an inside base laid, after levelling the manufacturers base and fixing to the ground, I then put down a heavy duty membrane. The path down the middle is 3 decent utility 2ftx2ft slabs laid on to sharp sand, pea shingle is then poured in and raked level.
 slab and shingle basework
The finished greenhouse in forest green with Horticultural glass. The green paintwork was a good choice and blended in well with this setting.
The slab and shingle base is a good cost effective answer to people who don't want to be standing on earth. Another advantage is that the shingle lets any water/spills soak away without leaving standing water puddles!
 halls 6x6 green popular greenhouse


February 2012

10 x 20 Green Monarch Installed at a Local Secondary School

Needing a large greenhouse for a replacement old greenhouse that had seen better days, we supplied this school with a 10x20 Eden Monarch which is the largest of our range. The featured building is in powder coated green with long pane toughened glass. We also supplied and installed 5 Growhouse cold frames which i will talk about another day (i was very impressed with these!)

This is towards the end of the first day, the basic frame is up and as you can see from how Dominic is dressed this is one extremely cold February day, in fact the temperature was -6 when I left to pick Dom up and didn't get above 1 degree all day!
You have to get used to working in all weathers in our trade, but it still numbs the fingers handling freezing metal whilst doing fiddly nut and bolt work (i have yet to find a warm pair of gloves that allow enough dexterity in the fingers)

Eden Monarch Installation 

Below is the scene we came in to on our last day, as you can see it snowed over night. We had an idea that it would, the forecast said it was very likely so before we went home the night before we made sure all remaining parts were inside the greenhouse.

Looks pretty but not the best conditions for installing a greenhouse.
You can see that the doors are inside the greenhouse, they took me longer than expected to make up the day before(allow plenty of time for these). Because of this we purposely didn't glaze the back section, it is not ideal to leave a greenhouse without finishing the glazing but if you do make sure that there is a flow through of air available.

 Eden 10x20 Monarch

 Below is the finished article, you can see that the glass is getting misted. this is because we made use of the massive floor area and put together the 5 cedar cold frames inside, every little comfort helps when working in these conditions!
Of all the greenhouses for sale we have this is our largest aluminium building we offer, i think it offers great value for money when compared to most of its competition, plenty of windows and a decent door entrance.
The Eden Monarch comes with an integral base with no base at the door entrance, this is great for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs etc, but does mean this really needs to sit on a  paved/concrete base, this does not have to be the whole floor area as this one is, a surround would be fine.

 Monarch Greenhouse Misty inside


February 2012

Growhouse Cedar Cold Frames

Time to quickly say a bit about these excellent cold frames that we supplied with the above Eden Monarch greenhouse. The School had ordered 5 of these to go down the length of the greenhouse.
As we have only recently (mid 2011) started selling Growhouse greenhouses and cold frames, I was looking forward to seeing what these were like for assembly, this was the first chance we have had to actually put one up as they are usually sold flat pack delivered. Having had good feedback from customers I was expecting them to be easy and i was not disappointed.

The packaging was excellent, when you open the boxes you can see straight away that there is not alot to do to put these together.

When you get the sections out of the box, you first screw the 4 sides together using 8 screws, all the holes are pre-drilled for ease of construction. Next the 2 stay bars are attached with a long bolt and a wing nut, really clever simple design that does the job nicely.
The lid is then screwed on using 2 robust hinges, again with holes already drilled, the lid is pre glazed with toughened glass.
As simple as that, these cold frames ooze quality and with a power drill I could put one of these together in about 20 easy minutes.

 cedar cold frame
 growhouse cold frame

The cedar stay bars which hold the lid are a simple design but they work. You can have the lid open at 2 positions as shown in these 2 photo's.
Made of the finest cedar wood these smell great!

 This is what they looked like when we had finished, 5 in a row down the outside of the greenhouse. If you are wondering what the pipe and metal stands are in front of the cold frames, that is for an electric box that the electrician was coming to fit the day after.
 wooden cold frame